Top 10 Best 17 HMR Cleaning Kits For Optimal Maintenance And Performance

# The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best 17 HMR Cleaning Kit

When it comes to shooting a 17 HMR, cleaning your firearm should always be a priority. The high speeds and accuracy of the firearm require top-notch cleaning tools and techniques. With that said, investing in the best 17 HMR cleaning kit is vital in ensuring that your firearm remains in top condition.

However, when you go shopping for cleaning kits, the sheer number of options available can be overwhelming. In this guide, we will walk you through the factors to consider when selecting a 17 HMR cleaning kit, and include the best kits available in the market.

## Factors to Consider When Choosing a 17 HMR Cleaning Kit

When it comes to choosing the ideal cleaning kit for your 17 HMR firearm, several factors come into play. They include:

### Quality

The quality of the cleaning kit needs to be high. It should be able to withstand regular use and last for several cleaning sessions. Be sure to look at the materials used in designing the kit’s components. Do a little research on the brand and read reviews from other users before making a purchase.

### Cleaning Rods

The cleaning rod should be sturdy and durable. Look out for a cleaning rod that’s made of high-quality materials such as steel or carbon fiber. The length of the rod also matters. Your ideal kit should have a rod that is long enough to cater to the length of your firearm.

### Brushes and Patches

Brushes and patches are essential kit components that should provide a deep clean. Look for a brush with bristles that are stiff enough to clean out residue without causing scratch marks on your firearm. Patches should fit snugly on the jag to avoid leaving any residue behind.

### Solvent and Lubricant

A good solvent should break down any gunk or grease on your firearm efficiently. Lubricant helps prevent rust and any wear and tear on your gun. Consider purchasing a kit that contains eco-friendly solvents and lubricants that are safe for the environment.

### Convenience

A kit that is portable and easy to pack is ideal. A compact kit that can fit into a range bag will come in handy for frequent shooters. Consider a case with compartments that keep the components in place too to avoid damage during transportation.

## Top 17 HMR Cleaning Kits in the Market Today

With the factors mentioned in mind, Here are five of the best 17 HMR cleaning kits in the market today:

### 1. Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

The Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit is an all-in-one cleaning kit suitable for cleaning just about any firearm. It’s designed to give a deep and thorough clean and comes in a reusable and compact carrying case that fits well in a range bag.

### 2. Otis Technology All Caliber Elite Cleaning Kit

The Otis Technology All Caliber Elite Cleaning Kit is an ideal kit for those who own multiple firearms. It features more than 40 components designed for various firearm calibers, including the 17 HMR. The components are organized neatly in a soft-sided carrying case for easy packing and transportation.

### 3. Real Avid Gun Boss Multi-Kit

The Real Avid Gun Boss Multi-Kit is a comprehensive package that comes with everything you need to clean and maintain your 17 HMR firearm. It includes a carbon-fiber rod, brite bore solvent, multi-function brushes, and other useful accessories such as slotted tips and jags.

### 4. Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

The Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is designed for regular gun cleaning sessions. It includes all essential toolpieces needed for the 17 HMR as well as other calibers. Its compact design makes it portable for frequent shooters, and the case has compartments to organize each component.

### 5. Sage & Braker Gun Cleaning Kit

The Sage & Braker Gun Cleaning Kit is an excellently designed kit suitable for individuals looking for an eco-friendly kit. It includes several tools for cleaning the 17 HMR, as well as other calibers. The eco-friendly cleaning solution is formulated with natural ingredients to ensure it’s safe for the environment. The kit is portable, with laser cut foam compartments for each component.

## Conclusion

Getting the best 17 HMR cleaning kit is critical to keeping your firearm’s life span extended. With the market offering different kit variants, you are bound to get confused when choosing the right one. When choosing a kit, it’s essential to consider quality, cleaning rods, brushes, patches, solvents, lubricants, and convenience. We hope that this guide has provided you with a list of top-rated kits and some essential factors to consider when choosing the ideal kit.

## FAQs

### Q1. How often should I clean my 17 HMR pistol?

ANS: You should clean your 17 HMR pistol every after you fire shots. However, if you haven’t used it for some time, then ensure that you first clean it before firing a new round.

### Q2. Is it okay to use regular gun cleaning kits on my 17 HMR pistol?

ANS: It’s generally safe to use any cleaning kit that includes the 17 HMR calibre. However, cleaning each firearm with its designated cleaning kit is ideal for long-term use.

### Q3. Can I use WD40 instead of gun oil in my 17 HMR?

ANS: It is not ideal to use WD40 as it doesn’t offer lubrication, but instead, it can cause damage to your firearm by leaving a sticky residue. It’s best to use recommended gun oils to prevent rust and wear and tear on your firearm.

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