Jeep Wrangler Carbon Fiber Hood

If you’re looking for a way to add a unique touch to your Jeep Wrangler, consider installing a carbon fiber hood. Carbon fiber is a lightweight, yet strong material that can give your Jeep a sleek and stylish look. There are many different companies that make aftermarket carbon fiber hoods for Jeeps, so you should be able to find one that fits your budget and taste.

Installation is typically pretty straightforward, but it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional if you have any questions.

A lot of car enthusiasts are always on the lookout for ways to make their car stand out from the rest. One way to do that is by installing a carbon fiber hood. Carbon fiber hoods are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also serve a functional purpose.

They help to reduce the weight of the vehicle and improve its aerodynamic properties. If you own a Jeep Wrangler, then you know that it already has a pretty rugged and aggressive look. But if you want to take it to the next level, then installing a carbon fiber hood is definitely the way to go.

Not only will it make your Jeep look even more badass, but it will also help improve its performance. So if you’re looking for a way to make your Jeep Wrangler stand out from the rest, then installing a carbon fiber hood is definitely the way to go!

Jeep Wrangler Jl Carbon Fiber Hood

A new carbon fiber hood is available for the Jeep Wrangler JL. This lightweight and strong hood provides superior protection against the elements and looks great too! Made from high quality materials, this hood will keep your Jeep looking sharp for years to come.

Is a Carbon Fiber Hood Worth It?

If you’re looking to add a touch of style to your car, a carbon fiber hood is a great way to do it. But beyond the looks, is it worth the extra money? Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of carbon fiber hoods:

PROS: – Lightweight: Carbon fiber is much lighter than steel or aluminum, so your car will be lighter overall if you replace the factory hood with a carbon fiber one. This can lead to better performance, as well as improved fuel economy.

– Strong: In addition to being lightweight, carbon fiber is also very strong. So, if you’re worried about durability, a carbon fiber hood should give you some peace of mind. – Stylish: There’s no denying that carbon fiber looks good.

If you want to make your car stand out from the crowd, a carbon fiber hood is a great way to do it.

What is the Jeep Wrangler Hood Made Of?

The Jeep Wrangler hood is made of a thick steel that is designed to protect the engine from debris and other environmental hazards. The steel is also powder-coated to resist corrosion and UV damage.

Why are Carbon Fiber Hoods So Expensive?

Carbon fiber hoods are made from carbon fiber, which is a material that is extremely strong and lightweight. Carbon fiber hoods are usually much lighter than traditional metal hoods, and they can offer better performance and aerodynamics. However, all of these benefits come at a price – carbon fiber hoods are typically much more expensive than metal or composite hoods.

There are a few reasons why carbon fiber hoods tend to be so expensive. First, the material itself is relatively costly. Second, manufacturing a carbon fiber hood requires special equipment and expertise, which drives up the price even further.

Finally, carbon fiber hoods often require extra finishing work to ensure a smooth, high-quality finish – again, this adds to the overall cost. Despite the high price tag, many car enthusiasts believe that carbon fiber hoods are worth the investment. If you’re looking for the best possible performance and appearance for your vehicle, a carbon fiberhood may be the way to go – just be prepared to open your wallet a bit wider than usual!

The installation video of Gravity Series carbon fiber hood kit


This Jeep Wrangler carbon fiber hood is a great way to change the look of your vehicle. It’s easy to install and gives your car a whole new look. Plus, it’s a great way to protect your engine from the elements.

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