Add A Trunk Jeep Wrangler Tj

Adding a trunk to your Jeep Wrangler TJ can be a great way to increase storage space and make it easier to transport larger items. There are a few different ways to go about adding a trunk, so be sure to do some research before deciding on the best option for your Jeep. One popular method is to purchase an aftermarket kit that includes everything you need to install the trunk.

This can be a bit more expensive than other options, but it will likely be the easiest option and will result in the most professional-looking finish.

Adding a trunk to your Jeep Wrangler Tj is a great way to increase storage space and make your jeep more versatile. There are many different ways to add a trunk, but we recommend the Rugged Ridge Rear Storage Trunk. This trunk is easy to install and provides plenty of extra storage space for all your gear.

Jeep Tj Storage Solutions

If you own a Jeep TJ, you know that storage can be a challenge. There’s not a lot of space to work with and it can be difficult to keep things organized. But don’t despair!

There are plenty of storage solutions available for your Jeep TJ. One option is to add some aftermarket racks or shelves. This will give you extra space to store gear and keep things organized.

You can also add a rear seat delete kit which will give you even more room to work with. If you’re really looking to maximize space, consider installing a roll bar or cage. This will not only give you more room but also make your Jeep safer in the event of a rollover.

Another great storage solution is to use overhead consoles. These are great for storing smaller items like sunglasses, maps, and CDs. They free up valuable floor space and keep things within easy reach.

Finally, don’t forget about the trunk! If it’s not being used for cargo, it’s the perfect place to store larger items like camping gear or spare tire covers. Just be sure to secure everything so it doesn’t shift around while you’re driving.

With these storage solutions, you’ll be able to keep your Jeep TJ organized and tidy – no matter how much gear you need to bring along on your next adventure!

Q: What is a Trunk Jeep Wrangler Tj

A trunk Jeep Wrangler TJ is a jeep that has had its rear seat and cargo area removed, making it a 2-door jeep. The advantage of having a trunk jeep is that it’s lighter and more maneuverable than a 4-door jeep, and you have more storage space for gear.

This Modification is Typically Done by Adding a Rear Seat Delete Kit And/Or Extending the Rear Bumper

A rear seat delete kit is a modification that is typically done to improve the look of a car. It can also be done to add extra space to the interior of the car. This type of kit usually includes a new rear seat, extended rear bumper, and sometimes even new side skirts.

The main goal of this mod is to make the car look more aggressive and sporty. It is also a popular choice for those who want to save weight or add extra storage space to their car.

Q: Why Would Someone Want to Add a Trunk Jeep Wrangler Tj

If you’re looking to add some extrastorage space to your Jeep Wrangler, a trunk mount is a great option. Trunk mounts provide a convenient and easy way to store things like spare tires, recovery gear, or camping equipment. They also keep your belongings out of the way and out of sight, which can be important for security purposes.

Some People Use Their Vehicles for Off-Roading And Find That the Extra Space is Useful for Storing Gear

If you’re one of the many people who enjoy taking their vehicle off-road, you may find that having some extra storage space is useful for storing gear. There are a few different ways that you can go about adding storage to your vehicle, and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. One option is to add a roof rack.

Roof racks provide a great deal of space and can be used to store all sorts of gear, from camping equipment to bicycles. However, they can also be quite expensive, and they can make your vehicle more difficult to park in tight spaces. Another downside of roof racks is that they can increase wind noise when driving at high speeds.

Another option for adding storage space to your vehicle is to install a hitch-mounted cargo carrier. These carriers attach to the back of your vehicle and provide a platform on which you can store gear. They’re much less expensive than roof racks, but they do take up some valuable real estate on the back of your car or SUV.

Additionally, if you plan on carrying heavy or bulky items, you’ll want to make sure that your hitch is rated for the appropriate weight capacity. Finally, if you’re looking for an easy way to add a bit of extra storage space without spending too much money or modifying your vehicle, consider using suction cups! Suction cups are available in various sizes and can be used to attach all sorts of things to the outside of your car – from coolers and picnic baskets to duffel bags and small pieces of luggage.

Just keep in mind that suction cups won’t work well on rough surfaces like gravel roads, so they’re best used for light-duty purposes only.

Others Simply Prefer the Look of the Extended Trunk Area

The debate between those who want a coupe and those who want a sedan is one that has been around for years. Both sides have valid arguments, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each type of car to help you make your decision.

Coupes are typically smaller and more lightweight than sedans, which makes them more agile and better suited for tight turns and quick acceleration. They also tend to have longer wheelbases, which gives them better stability at high speeds. On the downside, coupes usually have less storage space than sedans because of their sloped roofs, and they can be more difficult to get in and out of if you’re carrying passengers or cargo.

Sedans are generally larger and heavier than coupes, which makes them slower to accelerate and not as nimble around corners. However, their extra size provides more passenger and cargo room, making them a better choice if you often have passengers or need to transport large items. And because they have four doors instead of two, they’re much easier to get in and out of – no climbing over seats required!

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Add a Trunk Jeep Wrangler Tj

Adding a trunk to your Jeep Wrangler TJ can range in price depending on the style and materials you choose. A basic, no frills fiberglass or ABS plastic trunk could cost anywhere from $200-$500 while a more sturdy, aluminum or steel aftermarket option could set you back $1,000 or more. If you have the skills and tools necessary, you could fab up your own trunk for much less but it likely wouldn’t be as strong or weatherproof as a professionally made one.

When deciding whether or not to add a trunk to your TJ, consider how often you’ll be using it and what kinds of things you’ll be carrying. If you just need some extra storage for light items like camping gear or recovery equipment, a soft top cargo bag might suffice. However, if you regularly haul heavy loads or want to protect your gear from the elements, an aftermarket hard top would be a better investment.

No matter which route you go, adding a trunk to your Jeep Wrangler will give you some extra space and peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safely stowed away.

Generally Speaking, However, Expect to Pay around $1,000-$2,000 for the Parts And Labor Involved in This Project

Are you looking to install a new roof on your home? If so, you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect to pay for a typical roofing project.

Generally speaking, you’ll be looking at a total cost of around $1,000-$2,000 for the parts and labor involved in installing a new roof. This will vary depending on the size and pitch of your roof, as well as the materials you choose. For example, installing asphalt shingles will be less expensive than opting for metal roofing.

If you’re handy with tools and comfortable working on your own home, you may be able to save some money by doing the work yourself. However, keep in mind that this is a big project and should only be attempted if you’re confident in your abilities. Otherwise, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

either way, installing a new roof is a significant investment. But it’s one that will pay off in the long run by protecting your home from the elements and increasing its value.

I built a Trunk for My Jeep Wrangler TJ


If you’re looking to add a little extra storage space to your Jeep Wrangler TJ, you might want to consider installing a trunk. Trunks can be a great way to keep your gear organized and out of the way, and they can also help protect your belongings from the elements. There are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind when choosing a trunk for your Jeep, but with a little bit of research, you should be able to find the perfect one for your needs.

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